A wise person once said "God resides in details", and as some joys happen once in a person's lifetime, that's why our concern lies even in the tiniest details.

Established in 2009, and after more than a 5-year experience in hosting events and interacting with people, we have mastered the art of service, we have become devoted, body and soul, to make each moment a delightful memory to our customers as well as the guests.

The recipe of our success is due to our flawless managerial skills combined with a great team that is composed of educated, well-experienced, mature, presentable and sociable hosts and hostesses. They are equipped with different uniforms for different events and occasions, to suit all our customers' needs.

Be a guest at your own party, wedding, exhibition, gala dinner, launching, concert, festival, opening, fashion show, international event, official ceremony... in Lebanon and abroad.
To mention a few:

Wedding folies 2010 (stands), Snickers football 2010 promotion, Twin Box café launching campaign, Motor Show 2010 (stands), HORECA 2010 (stands), Miss Lebanon 2010, Beirut World cup "Fan Park" 2010, In addition to various weddings, gala dinners and many promotions' activities...

Here in Touch, it is not our job but our passion to make this special occasion a day to remember for the rest of your life.
We believe that each event needs that little sparkle, a little touch, a touch of elegance, classiness, beauty and freshness.